Mold Testing and Inspection

Mold testing and Inspection specialist in Houston Texas

Mold Testing

We will collect Air Samples from suspected rooms to determinate the amount or presence of any living or dead mold.

Mold Inspection

Physical inspection of the affected premises for moisture problems and potential mold contamination.

Air Quality Testing

We will collect Air Samples from rooms to determinate if there is any particles that can affect your health.

Mold Testing and Inspection in Houston

Molds can be found almost anywhere, they can grow on virtually any organic substance, as long as moisture and oxygen are present. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation.

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Mold Testing and Inspection in Houston,TX

Having an effective plan of action for mold removal can make a big difference when it comes to minimizing damage.

Many property owners believe that only dirty buildings or houses can get mold which is a misconception. The reality is mold can grow anywhere in any building and house. In some cases, residents don’t even know that they have a mold problem in their houses and are suffering from severe health consequences. Mold testing and inspection are essential to help homeowners and buyers to avoid further mold growth and health issues that mold can cause. 

Let The Experts Fix It All

If you’re feeling minor signs of mold growth in your house or office, you must contact a mold testing and Inspection Company to get it checked and stop further mold growth. MTH is one of the best mold testing and inspection companies that service Houston, Texas.

 We offer inclusive and cutting-edge solutions to treat unhealthy buildings and create a safe environment for the residents. We at MTH are committed to developing advanced and effective mold testing and inspection solutions. We have a team of professionals to complete the projects with the greatest professional standards without leaving any mess behind. 

Contact MTH-the best mold and Inspection Company in Houston, Texas, to get fast and affordable services! 

Mold is a fungus that spreads and thrives on various moisture and decaying organic matter. It can form and spread anywhere, including food, wood, paper, carpet, and insulation. The mold growth releases spores that float through the air. The small quantity of these spores is harmless, but they can have drastic consequences when they thrive on a moisture surface. 

Mold can develop in many different forms and colors; each form can damage your property and health. Toxic mold is the most dangerous form of mold growth, resulting in severe health issues. Long-term exposure to toxic mold can lead to serious respiratory issues and worse symptoms. 

Mold can grow and spread in various parts, resulting in health problems, property damage, and expensive repairs. As a homeowner, you must ensure proper measures to keep your house dry. A mold testing professional team can discover issues with plumbing, leaks, ventilation issues, and the HVAC system, resulting in mold growth.

If you feel the following signs in your building, house, or office, you should immediately call an independent mold testing and inspection company;

  • Minor mold growth or musty odor 
  • Allergic-like symptoms in occupants 
  • Dampness in the basement, attic, or other areas of the house
  • Formation of an ice dam on your roof

Mold inspection and testing are essential as mold growth can cause several health problems to your and your family. You can take some time to notice the signs of mold growth if it is forming in some areas like the walls, basement, or attic. It shows that finding a professional and reliable mold inspection and testing company must be your top priority. 

MTH aims to provide accurate and unbiased mold testing and inspection services. We don’t exaggerate the mold problems in the hopes of wasting your time and making money. Apart from mold testing and inspection, the professionals of MTH can determine the type of mold growth and its potential hazards for you and your family. 

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mold testing
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Mold Testing Houston is an industry leader in providing services such as mold testing, mold inspection, and air quality testing. Our staff has a wealth of experience in managing all facets of the job that we do.

Mold Testing

To detect the presence of mold, a qualified mold inspector will use specialized equipment. Our specialists collect indoor air samples to identify the presence of mold and its concentration using air sampling to gather the data.

Mold Inspection

Our Mold Inspector will perform a first walk-through inspection of the property to identify potential mold growth areas. We will be searching for locations with inadequate control of humidity, excessive condensation, or water incursion.

Air Quality Testing

Our services for indoor air quality testing Houston include taking ambient air samples from within a structure, collecting and confining them, and then analyzing the data from those samples.

What Make Us Different?

Mold inspections for commercial and residential properties, as well as other types of indoor air quality testing, are our specialty. We will be better able to assist clients in addressing the appropriate method and preventing mold growth in the future due to this background information. We place a strong emphasis on providing excellent service to our customers and high-quality products.

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After years in mold remediation and water damage restoration field we decide to specialize ourself in mold inspection and testing. With this background we can better assist customers with addresssing the right process and prevent mold growth in the future.

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The Approach We Follow At MTH For Mold Testing And Inspection

Being one of the best mold testing and inspection companies in Houston, Texas, we follow a strategic and simple approach to give our clients tailored results. 

  • First, we collect outdoor and indoor air samples from the problematic area.
  • We use different methods, such as air, bulk, swab, and tape samples, to determine the presence of dead or living mold. 
  • We use laboratory results and field observations to report mold growth comprehensively.
  • After 48 hours of field inspection, we get the results of the mold examination. 
  • After getting the report, we discuss the problem with our potential clients and help them find effective solutions to tackle the problem.
Mold Inspection

our mold inspection process includes a visual inspection of the house or office to identify the signs of mold growth. Our mold inspectors ask about leaks, water damage, and moisture problems that have already been discovered to identify the actual cause of mold growth. 

The experienced mold inspectors of MTH can use equipment such as infrared cameras and moisture meters to inspect the presence of mold in hard-to-reach areas. They identify the source of the mold to give you an effective solution to remedy mold growth. 

Mold Testing 

The mold testing process of MTH includes collecting air samples from the affected premises. We examine these collected samples carefully under controlled conditions. Mold testing helps us identify the type of mold growth and how many spores are circulating through the air in your home. 

Mold testing results are available between 48hours to 72hours

Why Should You Hire MTH For Mold Testing And Inspection In Houston?

MTH is committed to providing the people of Houston with a safe and clean environment. You can trust our professionals to get precise and unbiased reporting about mold growth in your houses

Unlike other mold testing and inspection companies, MTH offers top-notch services at affordable rates. You can get a comprehensive report about mold growth in your houses without disturbing your budget.

Apart from providing the right skills and tools, our mold inspectors have years of experience in getting the job done with the greatest professional standards. The expert professionals of MTH ensure completing the project within time, ensuring minimal disruption in your houses and workplaces.

MTH has been in the market for more than 5 years. We know how to get a special place in our clients’ hearts and provide them with their desired results. We use advanced and heavy-duty equipment to perform the job correctly.

We prefer frequent and transparent communication with our clients to know their expectations and aspirations. It helps prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and give them the desired solutions. 

If you’re facing the problem of mold growth and want a better understanding of mold-related problems, get in touch with the expert mold inspectors of MTH.


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